We Are Saving Money with ATT

When I lived in the city, I had my local cable company provide not only the TV programming but also our house phone and internet connection as well. It was just cheaper to let them do all three things, and I figured I would just do the same when we ended up moving because of my husband’s work. I had researched our TV and internet options before we even moved because I wanted to get everything taken care of as soon as possible. That is when I realized that not all cable companies are created equal.

What I mean is that we were paying a decent price for all three services in the city, but that is probably because we had more than one option there. Because of that, companies had to keep their pricing pretty competitive or else risk losing customers to the competition. That was not the case where we moved to. We had only one option for a local company, and their prices were extremely high. I knew that the only way I would pay that is if I had no other options, but luckily, I did. While I like to stay local, I have no problem going elsewhere if the prices are going to be a lot lower.

I looked at ATT internet as well as their phone and TV options, and I found that we would not only be able to save money using them instead of the local company, but that it would also be cheaper than what we were paying in the city. I like that once the promotion ends, the prices are not going to skyrocket either. That more than anything else is what had me signing up with them to provide all of our communication, internet and entertainment needs, and we have not regretted this decision once.