I Got My First Real Job This Week

Of course I can not really do the sort of work that a mobile apps developer in Singapore does right now, but the guy who hired me is not really expecting that. In truth it is more of an internship than it is a job, but it does pay and it pays quite well in comparison to my other options. Prior to this I was finishing school and working as a delivery boy and in the kitchen of a restaurant near the campus. In large part my duties seem to be somewhat similar. The boss has this girlfriend, whom he is obsessed with. He told me that he would do weird stuff to me if I looked at her, but a lot of the stuff that he wants me to do requires me to do that. She does not have a driver’s license and she has a lot of things to do, so I spend a lot of my time driving her. In fact she wants to be a model and there does not seem to be any reason that she could not do it.

I have been trying to learn some stuff from the people who work there. Most days I go in and wait around, but of course I have some background in computer science and I would love to earn the sort of money that you can if you are good at this. I will go back to school when the semester start though and for now I just need to make as much money as I can. However it seems like I might be able to do some of this work and take my classes at night or in the afternoon. That is another month or so away and in the meanwhile I just want to stay on the right side of the boss.