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Cross-cultural values and ethics have shaped the world of fashion into an awe-inspiring platform, says Riya Jain.

With the world becoming a global village, with creative minds growing wider, with technology in the fashion industry growing manifold and with experimentation becoming the trend du jour, the fashion world is witnessing an era of mix and match. Think designs infused with cultural, social and geographical diversities. The world today is cross-pollinating trends and creating those fashion breeds we didn’t ever imagine would ever exist.

The world in its raw form is a thesaurus of art and cultures, where one idea is synonymous with other and linked to many others.With east meeting west, traditional meeting modern cuts and patterns, fashion today has become more interesting. Like other industries from music to food and films, fashion has its own set of fusions that has created a-never-like-before impact in the industry.

Traditional Indian jacquards and silks used on the international runway are curated in exclusive designer couture garments. The indelible influence of traditional and aesthetically pronounced Indian fabrics has hit the markets and international runways, twisting and turning into a variety of silhouettes that has made a statement.

Marchesa’s Spring 2013 collection was a tribute to Indian brocades and the saree. The cross-pollination between rich textiles and Marchesa signature drapes led to outfits that were worthy of the red carpet.

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