I Got My First Real Job This Week

Of course I can not really do the sort of work that a mobile apps developer in Singapore does right now, but the guy who hired me is not really expecting that. In truth it is more of an internship than it is a job, but it does pay and it pays quite well in comparison to my other options. Prior to this I was finishing school and working as a delivery boy and in the kitchen of a restaurant near the campus. In large part my duties seem to be somewhat similar. The boss has this girlfriend, whom he is obsessed with. He told me that he would do weird stuff to me if I looked at her, but a lot of the stuff that he wants me to do requires me to do that. Continue reading


Taking the Bus is More Convenient

My company acquired another company not long ago. We are eventually going to merge the two completely to one location, but that is at least a year away if not more. In the meantime, a group of us have to go there one day a week for several hours. We were taking our own vehicles at first, but parking is atrocious there. If it was just one car, it might be okay, but there were 22 of us. Even carpooling, that was at least six cars. Our boss contacted a transport company in Singapore to inquire about regular transportation for the 22 of us one day a week.

He figured it would be much easier for a number of reasons to do it this way. The first was because it would make it much easier on us, the ones who have to go there that one day a week. It was beneficial for other reasons too. Continue reading


I Found a New Apartment

I have been looking for a place to live for a good while and I sort of lucked out, because this place probably would never have stayed on the market for very long. It is not perfect, but it is very inexpensive compared to every other place I have looked at. The best thing about it is that I can get to the office in less than 10 minutes without a bus or a train getting involved. The place is above a restaurant with a good TCM in Singapore clinic across the street if I happen to need that. Continue reading


We Are Saving Money with ATT

When I lived in the city, I had my local cable company provide not only the TV programming but also our house phone and internet connection as well. It was just cheaper to let them do all three things, and I figured I would just do the same when we ended up moving because of my husband’s work. I had researched our TV and internet options before we even moved because I wanted to get everything taken care of as soon as possible. That is when I realized that not all cable companies are created equal.

What I mean is that we were paying a decent price for all three services in the city, but that is probably because we had more than one option there. Because of that, companies had to keep their pricing pretty competitive or else risk losing customers to the competition. That was not the case where we moved to. We had only one option for a local company, and their prices were extremely high. Continue reading